The Sunshine Football Classic is a prime example of how sports can be used for community impact. Although last nights game at TCNJ wasn’t the most compelling football action mercer county has to offer, the off the field influence was certainly exciting.

Through charitable donations and ticket sales, The Sunshine Football Classic has raised more than $100,000 for chronically ill children whose families need financial support since the inaugural All-Star Game in 1996.

Eric Hamilton, President of the Sunshine Football Classic, understands this game extends far outside the white lines.

“The most important factor of this game is that it’s kids helping kids… There is no better feeling than watching these kids play for a worthy cause.”

Ewing QB Edamiyon Doggett was a standout in the game and named MVP. The Delaware Valley commit went 8 for 12 for 107 yards and one touchdown.

“It’s an amazing event. I wasn’t even expecting to be the MVP… I didn’t even know they were giving out an award.”

For all players involved, its either an opportunity to play one last organized game of competitive football, or polish their skills before they advance to the colligate level. Doggett took advantage of the opportunity for a high-level tune up before the fall.

“The game was helpful because I have to get more comfortable with under center formations…. And getting the ball out quicker.”

The Sunshine Football Classic is not only helpful to the players, it’s beyond valuable to kids in need, and brings an entire community together for the cause of greater good.