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About Dr. Charles Whitney – Third Era MD

Dr. Charles Whitney graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1990 and completed his family practice residency at the David Grant United States Air Force Medical Center. He is double board certified in the specialties of family medicine and sports medicine.

His experience includes seven years as an Air Force physician and seven years in the University of Pennsylvania Health System. In 2003 he established his own innovative private practice, Revolutionary Health Services, which is located in the Philadelphia suburb of Washington Crossing, PA.

His Mission to Heal America’s Healthcare System

Dr. Whitney is on a personal crusade to challenge the status quo of America’s healthcare system, which is bankrupting the country, while putting our individual and collective health at serious risk.

In fact, Dr. Whitney views our current healthcare model as a sickness and slow-death management system. That’s because in the past 50 years, it has become focused primarily on treating patients by maintaining and extending their poor quality of life via invasive procedures and prescription drugs both of which are generally over-utilized and extremely expensive.

His Solution for America’s “Sick Care” System

In Dr. Whitney’s view, Modern medicine needs to bridge the gap between standard of care and optimal care, which are low risk/high value interventions that will likely be tomorrow’s standard of care.

According to Dr. Whitney, America needs to take full advantage of the many common sense, clinically-proven diagnostic and lifestyle modification methods that are readily available but woefully underutilized, in order to effectively decrease our country’s epidemic statistics for heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes and more.

Over time, this “true health care” approach can wean our country off its dependence on expensive surgeries and prescription drugs that do not address the cause and do not provide a cure and prevention strategy for chronic disease.

The ultimate goal, says Dr. Whitney, is not to live longer in an extended state of chronic illness or slow death, but to live longer AND live better by achieving and maintaining an optimal level of health.

His Unique Medical Practice

Dr. Whitney is board certified in both family medicine and sports medicine and has been applying this philosophy for the past 10 years in his practice, Revolutionary Health Services, which is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

In order to provide this optimal level of care to his patients, Dr. Whitney combined the best attributes of two emerging and progressive practice models; Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Third Era Medicine.

Direct Primary Care (DPC), is a rapidly growing business model in which the patient pays the physician an affordable monthly fee for providing personalized, proactive care that is in stark contrast to the impersonal, hurried and reactive care commonly found in traditional “pay as you go” practices.

Third Era Medicine represents the antithesis of our country’s so-called healthcare management system. This is due to the fact that Third Era physicians co-manage the health and wellness of their patients; empowering them to create health, instead of merely diagnosing and treating diseases that could have been prevented.

Dr. Whitney has combined these two progressive medical practice models to create “Third Era Direct™”, which represents the sweet spot of these two emerging trends, thus serving as the prototype for a treatment and business model that can help health our current healthcare system and preserving the quality of life for the majority of Americans.

Innovative Patient Health Assessment and Forecasting

At the core of Dr. Whitney’s Third Era Direct practice is his unique patient health assessment and forecasting system called Projection Diagnostics™.

In a nutshell, Projection Diagnostics uses a variety of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to identify a person’s current and future health path, along with the contributing factors that place them at increased risk of succumbing to tragic and catastrophic events like heart attacks and strokes, or experiencing the longstanding metabolic damage that leads to cancer and dementia.

Projection Diagnostics provides the doctor and patient with a map that not only says “You are here” but also “This where you are headed if we don’t make some changes.”

Medical Mouth Management

As part of his Third Era mindset, Dr. Whitney is a strong advocate of collaborating with a variety of healthcare professionals in order to treat the whole patient in order to ensure that the patient achieves an optimal level of health. That’s why Dr. Whitney frequently works with medical specialists, nutritionists, chiropractors and especially dental professionals.

Speaking of dental professionals, Dr. Whitney has become the country’s staunchest medical ally of dentists and hygienists because he recognizes the important role they play in integrated patient care.

When high-risk bacteria enter through an open door such as infected gums into the bloodstream as in periodontal disease, it contributes to many medical diseases including heart disease, dementia, premature babies, infertility, arthritis, diabetes, and more.

Dr. Whitney expresses his progressive views on the oral-systemic health link in the documentary, “Say Ahh! The Cavity in Healthcare,” which exposes the true cost of ignoring oral inflammation and infections, which an estimated 80% of Americans have. He’s assumed the lead role to bridge the chasm between medicine and dentistry.

As further testament to his dedication to “medical mouth management”, he was a founding member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) and recently gave the keynote address on the vital need for Third Era Dentistry during the AAOSH 2013 annual conference.

Appointments, Accolades and Accomplishments

Dr. Whitney is also the former vice president of the American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP), a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 for the purpose of supporting and fueling the growth of medical practices that provide personalized direct primary care.

In 2013 he was named one of America’s “Top Docs” in direct primary care by the editors of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT).

He has also been published in many leading medical and dental journals and has been a featured speaker at several medical and dental events.

Dr. Whitney and his Third Era Direct practice, Revolutionary Health Services have been featured often in Philadelphia-area media. Most recently, he was named “One of the Best of Bucks” by the Bucks County Courier Times, a major daily newspaper serving the Philadelphia suburbs.

Dr. Whitney on The Air!

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