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with Michael Walker

Slipstream is a weekly hour-long radio program produced and hosted by Trenton resident and city activist Michael Walker that highlights the people and issues that make the city of Trenton a dynamic place to live, to undertake creative work, to operate a business and engage in entrepreneurship, and to visit.

Join us March 15th with special guest Clifford W. Zink

– The Roebling Legacy. Author and historian Clifford W. Zink will talk about Trenton’s brilliant legacy of industrial and manufacturing innovation through the accomplishments of the John A. Roebling’s Sons and Company, which operated for more than century in Trenton beginning in 1841. During its heyday, the company was the city’s largest employer and a world leader in the construction of suspension bridges and wire rope. Today, Trenton remains a destination where manufacturers build everything from vulcanized rubber products to tools for use by the military.

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