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Volunteer Firefighter in Feasterville Under the Microscope

Charlotte Reese

May 4, 2017

The volunteer firefighter and police officer who allegedly misappropriated money from the Feasterville Volunteer Firefighters Relief Association (VFRA) remains out on bail after his preliminary hearing Thursday.  

Brian Walter, 33, entered a plea of not guilty with all charges standing per Lower Southampton acting Judge Philip Daly.

He faces nine different charges including tampering with public records, forgery and misapplication of entrusted property of government institutions.

In July 2016, Walter appeared before a grand jury for a suspicious audit between the years 2011 to 2013. The Auditor General’s office and Bucks County detectives found the misuse of government funds. The Feasterville VFRA, along with several thousand other associations, receive annual assets decided by the Department of Community and Economic Development. 

During these three years Walter served the Feasterville VFRA as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary all at the same time. He signed off on loans totaling $51, 486 to himself and five others providing a down payment on a house, high interest credit card debt payments, tuition bills, one member’s rent, two weddings including his own and a Wave Runner.

Deputy District Attorney, Marc Furber, used evidence from the grand jury record, seven falsified documents, and witnesses Detective Richard Munger and Auditor III Dolores Howlett.

Walter’s attorney, Louis Busico, tried to rid all charges.


Brian Walter will face arraignment June 2 at the Bucks County Justice Center. Stay tuned with WBCB 1490 for details.

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